About Jim Band

There is a difference between Jim Band and Jim Band Music…

JIM BAND is who I am.  And just who is that?  Well, think of  Charlie from Charlie’s Angels, only for music.  I am not often seen, but I run things behind the scenes.  (Sometimes I hang out with Betty Crocker and Mr. Goodwrench.)  My time is spent searching for new artists to come and play for our concerts. My organization, Jim Band Music, is led by the Executive Director, David Andersen.  He has a crew that pulls the concerts together.

JIM BAND MUSIC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation that produces concerts and other musical events which  helps us achieve our mission. We have an amazingly talented all-volunteer staff who do marketing, sales, graphic design, audio, lighting, video – the whole works!  In addition to producing our own shows, Jim Band Music is sometimes hired by others to produce musical events.  For example, for several years we produced Hillsboro’s Showtime at Shute Park summer concert series under contract to Hillsboro Community Arts.  Doing this kind of “for pay” gig allows us to subsidize the cost of doing our own shows, which keeps ticket prices low.

Jim Band Music Mission Statement:

The mission of Jim Band Music is to entertain, encourage and inspire youth, young adults and families with world-class, popular music presented in a high-energy and professional way, while exemplifying the highest values.

These are our core values:

  • Fabulous music

We believe that popular music has a great potential to be inspiring and uplifting and can greatly enrich the lives of those who partake of it. We present the very finest in popular music spanning genres such as rock, pop, ballad, new grass and folk. Thousands of people have attended our shows and they make it clear that they LOVE the music we present.

  • Exemplify the highest values

Our music is promoted and presented in ways that are consistent with the highest values and standards of conduct. We produce concerts and music-related events that are free from alcohol, tobacco, illegal drugs and unruly behavior. We select artists whose music and public lives are in harmony with our values. The music we present does not include, promote or condone profanity or other unseemly language, illicit sexuality, marital infidelity, dishonesty, violence, drug use, crime or anarchy. When you leave a Jim Band concert, you will be uplifted and will long remember enjoying a special feeling that is the hallmark of our events.

  • Professional, high-energy productions

Our ability to entertain and inspire is greatly enhanced by presenting the music in excellent venues with fully professional sound, video and lighting effects. We strive to make your concert experience truly incredible.

  • Affordable ticket prices

We do everything we can to keep our ticket prices as low as possible so that families can come and enjoy the music together. Our dedicated staff of professionals serve on a volunteer basis. We negotiate modest but fair rates for venues and related expenses. We believe that the quality of our shows equals or exceeds that of shows with tickets costing three to five times as much.

  • Artists are honored guests

We understand that our artists work many long, hard hours to hone their skills and create the wonderful music that they present for us. They are people just like you and I, and are doing their very best to keep it all together.  It’s a sacrifice for them to be on the road and away from families and additional employment. We want them to be successful financially so that they can continue to pursue their art. We encourage our audiences to be generous in the purchase of artist CDs, as this constitutes a major component of their earnings. We strive in every way possible to make our artists feel welcomed and appreciated.

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